Waste Water Treatment

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How Waste Water Is Treated

Influent water arrives at the waste water plant and runs through a screen that filters out anything larger than one-half inch.  These solids are squeezed to remove water and the solids are placed into a dumpster.

The waste water then runs through a Parshall flume where the flow is measured in million gallons per day.

The waste water then runs into the aeration basin where warm air keeps the remaining solids from settling and feeds oxygen to the micro-organisms.

The waste water runs through these two aeration tanks and an aerated center channel to mix the tiny solids before going into a splitter box to be divided between the two clarifiers.

Here, the tiny solids are allowed to sink to the bottom while the clear water comes over the top of the weir to go to the Ultra-Violet System.

The water going through the Ultra Violet System is called supernate.  The supernate is ran through two sets of UV lights for disinfection purposes.  After the supernate is disinfected it runs into a post-aeration tank where dissolved oxygen is re-applied before the water is released into the creek.

This results in CLEAN water being released back into the environment. And, YES, the beaker is full of cleaned waste water.

Tiny solids which are removed by the system are mixed with polymers and allowed to dry.

Resulting in fertilizer.

Jason Buivids ~ Manager
Jason Buivids ~ Manager

Questions regarding Waste Water Treatment should be directed to Jason Buivids at 256-825-7355 or email to wwtpjason@gmail.com