Street & Garbage

Garbage Pickup

Street side household garbage pick up is scheduled for each Thursday and Friday, and is limited to big items that are not capable of being put in garbage cans or loaded into a vehicle and taken to the city dump.  The city cannot accept refrigerators, air conditioners, or any other items that may contain Freon.  Car or tractor batteries, old tires and roof shingles are also prohibited.  This service is to be used for the removal of big items such as beds, couches, tables, etc.  All other materials will be left on the ground and you, the citizen, will be responsible for its cleanup or be fined for littering in municipal court.  Materials such as those picked up by the city may be hauled to the City Dump on Young's Ferry Road for a $10.00 dump fee.  Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday is the regular pick up day for your trash can items by Waste Management.  If your trash can is damaged, or your trash is missed from pick up, please call City Hall promptly at 256-825-9242.

On Thursday and Friday, the City will pick up limbs and other vegetative matter from along the City right of ways.  All limbs must be cut in five (5) foot sections or smaller and placed perpendicular with the road.  No piece of matter weighing over fifty (50) pounds will be allowed in the piles.  All piles must be placed where the truck can reach them without interference of phone, cable, or power lines and poles, and must be placed a safe distance from all buildings and mail boxes.  Piles are not to be mixed with household garbage.  These pickup days are for vegetative matter only or you, the citizen, will be required to separate the pile before the City will pick it up.  Any leaves must be bagged or they will not be picked up and no leaves are to be raked into the drainages along the City right of ways, which will stop flow of the rainwater.

In the event of rain, the City will pick up items on the next day that is available.

Candy Knox ~ Water/Sewage/Garbage/Utility Clerk
Candy Knox ~ Water/Sewage/Garbage/Utility Clerk