The Dadeville Fire Department is primarily an all volunteer department with a career staff of 3 members. Career staff members provide required training, public education, plans review, equipment acquisition and maintenance hazardous material response and emergency management planning to support the department and comply with both state and local mandates.

The Dadeville Fire Department is led by Chief Ralph Emerson. Chief Emerson started his career in the fire service in Fulton County Georgia serving as a Fire Fighter, driver, and line officer. He moved to Florida where he became a Chief in Wakulla County, Florida before moving to Lake Martin area. He has been a volunteer for Dadeville Fire Department for 12 years as a fire ground operations manager. He was promoted to Chief in August 2013. He has been in the fire service for 45 years.

Another full time member of the Dadeville Fire Department is Captain Jeanna Brewer. Captain Brewer started her career as a Fire Fighter in Alexander City in 1992. She is a Paramedic, Fire Fighter level 1 and II, Fire Inspector level 1 and II, Fire Instructor, Fire Officer, Hazardous Material Incident Commander, Fire Safety Education Instructor, and a Fire Prevention Specialist. She was promoted to Captain in September 2013. She has been in the fire service for 21 years.

Another employee of the Dadeville Fire department is Captain Curtis Roy Mathis. Captain Mathis started his career in 1981 at the Dadeville Fire Department. He served 18 on EMTAC 7 as an EMT. He is a Fire Fighter level I and II, Fire Instructor, Fire Officer, Hazardous Material Technician, Apparatus Operator Aerial, and Apparatus Operator Pumper. He has been in the fire service 32 years.


The Dadeville Fire Department has 22 Volunteer Fire Fighters that work hard to keep the department up and running. We have an ISO class 5/9 and the protection area covers approximately 41 square miles. We average around 110 calls a year. The downtown section of Dadeville has large buildings that are over 100 years old. We have the Courthouse, two large nursing homes, three assisted living homes, a hospital, and three schools.  We also have several large auto suppliers that are in our coverage area. There is a railroad track with hundreds of train cars that pass though our city every day.  Along with a major US highway that runs through town there is a potential of some type of major incident at any time.  This is why in conjunction with the Dadeville Police Department there is the Central Tallapoosa Hazardous Operations Team.  The team that is led by Lieutenant Chris Martin of the Dadeville Police Department is comprised of police officers, full time firefighters, and volunteer firefighters from multiple departments in the Dadeville area.  The team responds to and helps mitigate incidents including chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear materials that threaten the safety of the citizens of Dadeville.  Their duties include a wide spectrum that deals with incidents of chemical spills all the way to terrorist acts against citizens of Dadeville utilizing any form of chemical or biological agents.  If that should occur here in Dadeville we are prepared and eager to respond to these incidents to keep our citizens safe.  The hazardous materials team trains and is up to date on all current threats and is dedicated to making sure that these incidents are mitigated in a safe and efficient manner. We now also have a Fire Prevention and Inspection program that we feel is very important for the safety of our citizens.  If you have any questions or would like to know more about our Department feel free to call.  256-825-8534. 


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