The Dadeville Fire Department is primarily an all volunteer department with one Career and 26 Volunteer Fire Fighters. Career staff member provide required training, public education, pre fire plans, equipment acquisition, hazardous material response and emergency management planning to support the department and comply with both state and local mandates.

The Dadeville Fire Department is led by Chief Anthony Keith Wilkerson. Chief Wilkerson started his career at LaFayette Fire and EMS in LaFayette, Alabama. He served as a firefighter, driver, line officer and Fire and EMS Chief He retired from LaFayette Fire and EMS with over 31 years of service with the city. In December 2014 he became the Chief of City of Dadeville Fire Department.

The Dadeville Fire Department consist of a Chief 2-Asst. Chiefs, 3-Captains, 4- Lieutenant and 15 Volunteer Fire Fighters. We have a ISO class rating of a 4/9 and the protection area covers approximately 41 square miles. We average over a hundred calls per year. The downtown section of Dadeville consist of several large buildings that are over 100 years old. We have the Tallapoosa County Court House, one nursing home, three assisted living homes, hospital and three schools. We also have a main four lane highway that run from the Georgia state line to Birmingham Alabama. We have one train line with hundreds of train cars that pass though ours city every day. We also have several large auto suppliers that is located here.

This is why in conjunction with the Dadeville Police Department there is the Central Tallapoosa Hazardous Operations Team. The team is led by Lieutenant Chris Martin with the Dadeville Police Department and is comprised of police officers, fire fighters from the Dadeville Fire Department and volunteers fire fighters from others departments in the Dadeville area . The team responds to and helps mitigate incidents including chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear materials that threaten the safety of the citizens of the City of Dadeville and Tallapoosa County. We now have a Fire Prevention and Inspection program that we feel is a very important for the safety of our citizens.

If you have any questions and would like to know more about our department feel free to call 256-825-8534 or come by the station at 339 North Tallassee Street.

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